Allotment Dec 2018

December’s blog will be a short one, as I only got the key for my plot on 15th so with work and Christmas I only had a few days to play. The plot was covered in grass and weeds, so there was a lot to do to get started. My first plan was to start clearing an area where I could build a shed, to store my tools and for my Labrador to have a place to sit and watch me. I have been working on my shed for a few weeks in my workshop, making it up and taking it apart to form a flat pack. I had decided seeing as the plot has no electric this would make it a lot easier to construct on site. I decided to make my own shed not to save money as it will most probably cost the same as an off the shelf shed, but it will be a lot stronger made from stud work and covered in OSB boarding.
I wanted to site the shed at the top of the plot so when I am having a rest I will have the views across the allotment. The top had a flat ledge of soil and an old compost bin full of weeds which was left by the previous owner. So, the first job was to dismantle the compost bin and start working the ledge back into the plot.

The rest of the month was filled with digging and making a start on the paths. I tried to burn as much of the weeds as I could and had some rubbish to get rid of. My intention is to do a quick dig over and cover with plastic then work one section at a time over the year double digging and clearing out all the routes. I hope to not use plastic other than the paths and where the shed is. I don’t like the look of it all over the plot and it will eventually break down into the soil and become a hassle to get rid of it.

On my first day I had a fox turn up interested in what I was doing. It was very tame and spent most of the day on my plot watching me. By the end of the second day she had brought her family with her to see what I was doing, so I had three foxes playing and watching me all day. She even followed me down to the gate when going home as if she was saying good bye. I think my son will have to come up with some names for them.
I was lucky to have an old tree which had fallen in a previous storm and the council had cut it up into manageable size logs which was left on the back embankment. I will make good use of these edging the plot which should look more natural than wood yard timber. Me and my wife Loretta spent a day digging these out and will be slowly putting them in place over the next month
Finally, I ordered my seeds and potatoes from Marshal Seeds, starting with garlic/onions/ potatoes and a number of seed packets. The Garlic are ready to go in so will get a patch ready as soon as possible and the onions I ordered where Long Red Florence seeds which I will get started early January indoors in seed trays.
That’s it for December. At least the weather was good which allowed me to get started. Let’s hope January is not too wet so I can continue with the dig and get the garlic of to a good start.

allot dec 2018

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