I bought some USB power sockets for the motorhome. I have fitted them both in the lounge area as you can see in the photos. These are a great accessory to the van. No more carrying plugin chargers that take up the mains sockets and we can now charge our phones and tablets when on 12v.

The one with the cigarette outlet as shown in the picture has been connected directly to the leisure battery via an inline fuse. This means it stays alive when the van engine is turned on allowing my kid’s to keep their phones charged up in the back when we are on the road. I installed a switch below it to isolate the device when we are not using the van to prevent it discharging the battery. You get two outlets with these devices, one will supply 1A and the other will give you 2.1A.

You can pick these up from ebay for less than £10 and they are very reliable. We have had these installed for two years now and they have been great.



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