I have wanted a valve amp to add to my collection for some time but the cost of buying a good quality one has always stopped me. I have read a few books on building a valve amp over the past few years and after a lot research into different designs I finally made the […]
In my den where I do all my electronics projects and model railway, it gets pretty cold so I needed a way to heat up the room and did not want electric heating due to the cost. I am very handy with plumbing so decided to plum in a radiator teeing of a rad on […]
Peak power: 120W Maximum power voltage: 22.0V Maximum power current: 5.45A Open circuit voltage: 26.0V Short circuit current: 5.89A Power allowance range: +/- 5%  The solar panel is to be installed on the roof of the van. I went for a semi flexible panel as they are light weight and will easily stick to the […]
Now for another project to my wife’s surprise. I have had the idea of building my own boat for a long time now. I was contemplating a rowing boat or sailing boat at first but thought I would start with building a Canadian canoe, hoping this would be easier to learn with. I have not […]