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Hi my name is Steve, I currently work as an engineer for the railway, in the past I have worked as an aircraft engineer and have been in the building trade as an electrician. I am known as a bit of a hobbyist and I am usually doing something new like this blog. Over the years I have learnt electronics building my own valve amp, constructed a water solar system for the house, and introduced a Raspberry Pi boiler and central heating system. I have even built a canoe from scratch to my wife’s amusement. I have learnt computer programming and web design from coding and also enjoy building new thing and trying to fix items when I can (not always possible). At the moment I am learning more about photography mainly landscape so this blog is an ideal part of my latest adventure.


I have been caravaning and now motorhoming for over 20 years now. This has always been something I enjoyed and so I have started this Blog to capture some of our holidays. The idea of this blog is not to create another campsite finder but to show the experiences through blogging and pictures of the great times that can be had with caravaning


I am married to my wonderful wife Loretta whoLa Colombiere Mont Blanc up the mountain 10 has the same passions as me with some of my hobbies. One of which is travelling in our motor home across the UK and Europe and walking through some of our lovely national parks. I also have two children, at the time of writing this my daughter Niamh is training to be a professional chef and my son Sean is still at school and about to start his GCSE’s soon. My son is a lot like me trying to learn new thing. He is currently trying to learn the piano and after watching the Great British Back Off he wants to start cake making.





We have always had Labradors, this is Bud on the left our first lab who has sadly past away and on the right is Star our current lab 7 years now and still able to walk long distances with us.

Kinder Scout-39

I hope you enjoy this blog, I will try to keep an up to date blog of our current travels and links to the places we have visited. As well as reviews and pictures on the blogs some will have links to walks that we have completed or local museums and places of interest. The links to the walks will take you to View ranger where you can download the walk to your device or print it out. If you have visited these sites and think you can add more to the site then please add a comment at the bottom of the site.

If you have any comments on the site then please either contact me on the contact form tab above or via the comments tab at the bottom of each page. If you wish to share some of your experiences on sites around the UK and Europe then please get in touch and I will post then on the site. I would need a description of your experience on holiday and some pictures. I am not into posting poor reviews on companies as I know it is already hard enough to run a company. If I do not like a site then I will just not write about it. So any nice reviews are always welcome.
This is a free running site so only has limited space. I will try to post all reviews and pictures as long as I can afford the web space.

Thank you for visiting