Allotment March 2019

March was another excellent month with the weather, only a few days of frost so had lots of time to get some digging done. Usually this is a very cold month and I know we need a good freeze to kill of the bugs and to break up the ground. Looking at this winter being a very mild one we will probably have more pests this year to deal with.

So far I have all the Garlics in and they are starting to show. The Elephant Garlic are doing very well and with the compost mulch there is not so much weeding to do. Onion sets are all in now and the heat treated sets from Marshal seeds are popping up. The other sets were none heated sets from B & Q which where planted out a few weeks later than the others so will be a bit slower to catch up.

I have also planted out my first lot of cabbage plants they where started off indoors at home. I have again mulched the ground with compost in the hope to doing the no dig route in the future and they have all been covered with a net to protect them a bit from any future frost and from butterfly's in spring.

Also planted out are the parsnips which I started off at home in toilet rolls, this was to get them started off without the seed rotting and dying. They have been planted out with the toilet rolls to reduce any disturbance of the route. So far they look like they are doing well lets hope they take to the outdoors OK.

Finally this month was left with finishing off some of the digging, I've put some sweet-peas around the shed and some trellis, this will make it look nice in the summer but most of all invite the bees for pollinating. Next month will be the start of spring and things will start getting a bit more busier, also i have the green house turned out and will be doing a video blog on this going up, looking forward to this will be a big help with getting the seeds started. Hope you are all have fun on your allotments

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