Ireland Road Trip


This is our second trip to Ireland 2017, our first trip was the same time of year, Easter in March 2016 and it was a very enjoyable trip even with the March Irish weather so we are off again on a similar route to last year. We start our journey taking the ferry from Fishguard to Wexford, the trip over on the boat always starts off with some excitement from the kids. This is when we feel the holiday is beginning after a 6 hour drive from London. The ferry gives us all time to relax, its three and a half hours across and on board the kids have free wifi, movies, shop and a play area.

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4th April 2017 Killarney

Stayed for another 2 nights with family in Killarney. this is a great town for a night out dancing and traditional Irish music. My favorite town in Ireland and lots to do

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3rd April 2017 Charles Fort Ireland

We had a great stay at Charles Fort Ireland at Kinsale with our motorhome. Excellent views of Kinsale from the Fort and Kinslae is a great town for dinning out. Well worth a stopover if you are passing the area on your travels

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11th March 2017

Just had a great free night at Beachy Head Hotel in the van. This has got to be one of my new favorite stopovers. On our travels Friday night we had a wonderful overnight stop at The Vineyard in Lamberhurst. If you are in the area its worth a stop for great country walks and excellent food

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15th February 2017 The Black Horse Inn

Lovely stay at one of our favorite locations The Black Horse Inn Ashford. Ideally located in the Kent North Downs

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14th February 2017

Just had a lovely stay at Canterbury Park and Ride Aire. Great for a visit to Canterbury and a night out. If only more councils do the same.

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2nd February 2017

Well we have not been to many sites over the winter period. Manly been visiting friends and family and staying on there drives. But the new year is now well on its way. New years resolution made loose weight again and add more to our site to make it better. We are planning to go back to Ireland and Spain this year and add some new locations. We will also be visiting the Canterbury Aire soon, so keep a look out for that post should be here this month. Please feel free to comment on the site or get in touch if you want to add your adventure pictures.

27th October 2016

We have been to the Cotswold this weekend as my brother has just moved to Whitney for his new job. We thought we would try a couple free stop over’s so we can add them to the web site and also stay at a campsite. We have just bought a new tent for the kids to sleep in and so we wanted to give it a try out. Turned out to be a great buy, enough room for two pods and a small area they have in the morning for breakfast. Saves on Sean waking us up at 7:00 every morning.

Hopefully I will have the reviews of the sites on here soon. The free stop over The Cock Inn is already done and if you are here it’s worth a night stop, the food is great and the service was excellent. The campsite called Cotswold View was excellent. We will be coming here more often now my brother has just moved to Whitney.

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18th October 2016

We have just returned from a great few days exploring the peak district. This was our first time in the peaks. We headed of late Friday and stayed at a very nice pub called the Fancott on the way up the M1. The next morning we headed to the peaks. We wanted to get to Kinder Scout to explore and try out my photography. We arrived at Heyfield town which was a nice looking town with a few pubs that suited me. The campsite was ideally located for our adventure up kinder Scout. In the evening we had a slow stroll into the town with Star for a pint at the George Hotel. We were lucky to start talking to a local who regally walks the peaks and gave up some good tips for the morning walk.

In the morning it was raining heavy but the weather forecast was to dry up by lunch time and as predicted the rain stopped and so off we went. The start of the walk was very steep through the farm fields. It reminded me how unfit I have become and I was glade when at the top that it leveled out a bit. Star enjoyed it with all the smells and cow pats to try and eat. My son wants to do Snowdonia again next year so I might need to do some work on my fitness.

The day turned out to be overcast for most of the walk which was not good for my pictures. By the time we were coming down the sun came out and I got a few nice photos of the lock we was walking to. Most of my photos came out grainy as I had a high 800 iso to compensate for the poor light and not having a tripod. Something to learn, take a tripod next time.
On route down we followed the footpath that was supposed to run alongside the stream. However, the path had been washed away so we ended on clambering down the stream. This was quiet difficult for us and Star as it was slippery and rocky. We will look for a different return path next time.

After 4 hours walking we were back to the camp site. Time for a shower and a well earned steak and a pint at the George Hotel.

We had a lovely time in the peaks only a few days but well worth it. We look forward to returning and may be tackling the kinder Scout again on sunnier days.

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