Little Switzerland

Little Switzerland

Wear Bay Rd, Folkestone CT19 6PS

Tel: 01303 252168

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This is a beautiful campsite on the cliffs overlooking Folkestone Harbour and the English Channel. The site is quiet and peaceful surrounded by cliffs and trees which will be an interest for wildlife enthusiasts and children to explore. There are a number of walks from the site to the top of the cliffs where you can get refreshments from The Valiant Sailor  this is part of a circular walk along the top cliffs and then back down to the campsite. It is also very easy to walk along the lower cliff top to Folkestone Harbour where there is a lovely sandy beach and lots of little restaurants and bars. When we were there we went to the Marina Inn, The Ship Inn and the Harbour Inn which were all very nicely managed and served a very nice pint real Ale.  There are toilets at the beach and a public toilet on the walk down from the campsite.

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