Arduino SPROG with JMRI

This part of my blog will show how to setup the Arduino and the SPORG with JMRI. This is intended for the SPROG to control all the trains with DCC chips fitted and the Arduino will control all the accessories.

First the Arduino will need the code so it can communicate with JMRI. The basic code for an on-board LED to be controlled can be found in my first blog JMRI Arduino Setup. Once this has been uploaded to the Arduino connect it to a USB port on your PC and connect the SPROG to a separate USB port.

Now start up PanelPro and you may be given a warning that the devices you have previously setup could not be found. Ignore this warning continue with the start-up and then go to preferences to set both these items up.

In the preferences if you have already got your SPROG connected then ensure the serial port menu is showing your SPROG. Next to add the Arduino click on the plus tab so we can add a second device. Then fill in the data as we have done in previous blogs. We will be using C/MRI for system manufacturer, Serial connection, select the serial port your Arduino, prefix will be C and the name is up to you. Then click on Configure nodes and add the node address for the Arduino sketch which will be 1 for the sketches I have used.

Now we need to restart the PanelPro so the settings are carried out and if all went correct you should now be able to control the Arduino and SPROG at the same time with PanelPro



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